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Ubiquiti – How to test a cable

Sometimes a device will either not work or have reduced speeds when connected to the network. To rule out the cable, you can either swap it with a known working cable or test the cables from the switch back to the client directly from the Unifi switch itself.

This is a short one, but one that I had to look up a few times.

Testing the Cable

SSH into the switch (replace unifiuser and the IP address to match your setup)

ssh unifiuser@

Once connected, telnet into the device


Enable the terminal and run the cable test

cablestatus 0/#

Replace # with the port number. I.e port 13 would be 0/13

You’ll one of the following under status:

  • Normal – Everything is working correctly
  • Open – The cable is disconnected or there is a faulty connector
  • Short – There is an electrical short in the cable
  • Cable Test Failed – The cable status could not be determined
Once completed, enter Quit to close the telnet session and Exit to close the SSH session


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